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Traveling with Infants on Airlines

Flying with Baby

Traveling with infants on airlines can be hectic, but taking note of certain tips can help to reduce the stress that is associated with traveling with infants. Using these tips from local experts can help to make the travel experience a breeze when it comes to traveling with infants:

Keep in mind that a separate seat for the infant is not often required as most infants and children that are under the age of two can sit within the lap of the parent free of charge. You may want to take into account the length of the flight and the amount of people that are flying with your party to ensure that you are able to have help, especially through long flights. A long flight can be uncomfortable enough, but a long flight with an infant on your lap throughout the entire duration of the flight can be difficult, especially for the parent.

Although you will require supplies while traveling with the infant, keep in mind that the diaper bag is going to be considered a carry-on bag. Finding a bag that is easy to carry that can be used as a carry-on bag, as well as being used to carry everything that the infant requires is an effective way to save space while traveling, as well as being sure that you are able to get everything that you need on board.

Take advantage of early check in for parents that are traveling with small children and infants. Prior to the beginning of regular check-in, the flight attendants or airport personnel will often announce early check in for parents with small children. This can help you to avoid the wait times and lines which are associated with checking into your flight.

What will you need on board for baby? Think about supplies that you will need through the duration of the trip including food and drinks for the infant (formula and milk, as well as breast milk are often exempt from the rules of liquids which can be brought on board the plan. Be sure to bring enough diapers, usually at least one per hour of traveling time, but it is always great to have extras, and also something to amuse the child such as a small toy or rattle.

To deal with the discomfort that can occur within the ears through take off and landing, parents are encouraged to feed the child or offer the child something to drink during these times. This can help to reduce the discomfort that the child may feel in their ears. Through this time, the child should be fed or given a drink – as this can also reduce the crying that typically occurs.

A travel stroller, or light stroller which can attach to the travel system is necessary if you are making a connecting flight, or if you are spending time within the airport. This can help to save the parents arms, especially after carrying the infant throughout the entire flight. Taking advantage of light strollers, with straps, can be an effective way to make traveling, especially in the airport, easier.

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