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Spirit Airlines

Spirit airline is a low cost budget airline that is forcing the hands of some of the larger airlines to lower their prices. When ever Spirit airline enters a market offering cheap airline tickets the competition is left with little choice but to be price competitive. How’s does Spirit Accomplish this ? ..In their own words ” Spirit Airlines does not offer expensive airport clubs or any other high cost features. These saving measures, along with our streamlined operations, insure that the savings are passed on to our customers in the form of lower fares.”

Spirit Airlines Quick Facts

  • Spirit Airlines employs 2,700
  • Spirit airline serves 18 destination cities
  • Spirit airline has over 140 daily departures
  • Spirit Air is the States largest privately held Airline

Contact Spirit Airlines

Website: Spirit Airlines

Address: Spirit Airlines,
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, Florida 33025

Telephone: (954)447-7965
Fax: (954)447-7979

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