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How to get Airline Travel Discounts

Everybody looks forward to escape from the daily busy life and what is the best way to do it, if not by taking a holiday, and if you can get some travel discounts on this one it is even better!

The following tips will allow you get airline travel discounts to help you cut some costs:

  • Purchase tickets with at least 3 months in advance.
  • There are some airlines that offer discounts for early purchaser. The big seasons of the year, such as Christmas and Easter the price of the tickets increase, so these periods of buying airfares should be avoided. Week days are better than the week-ends as well since in these days the prices could go up by $35 to $50.
  • The ticket prices are increased during the peak seasons, because the demand is very high. When considering a holiday to be spent off season, then the prices on almost anything can lead to a travel discount not only at the airline but also for hotels and restaurants.
  • Pay attention to the travel stay that might affect the prices of the airline ticket as airline travel discounts are given for longer than 1 week traveler (within 90 days).
  • Think of getting more flights than a direct flight as this one is not always the cheapest in price. Many people have managed to save up to $1,000 dollars on connecting flights than booking with the direct one.
  • Benefit from senior citizen airline travel discount asking if this one is available with the airline you plan to book.
  • When planning to get airline travel discounts on your ticket and get a good seating, then call the airlines on Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. At this time there will be released the cheapest tickets and the best seats for the flight.
  • Surf the internet as this is the most convenient way to compare prices as you won’t have to go to various travel agencies and ask for price lists and inquire about airline travel discounts as well. You can find on internet websites that display airline travel discounts only to those who register with their services.
  • Inquire about travel agencies with an old experimented travel agent, as not all the online agencies have the travel discount option and you can spend plenty of time in vain looking for convenient pricing. Planning to buy with more than 6 months in advance you should better ask with a travel agent since the online agencies do not display schedules as well as airline travel discounts for a period of time longer than 6 months.


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