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How to Ease the Stress when Traveling with Pets

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Traveling with pets, from booking the ticket to arriving at the airport can be stressful. Although there are many aspects of traveling with pet which need to be considered before making the decision, paying attention to certain elements can make air travel with pets that much easier.

Here are some tips that can be used to ease the process of traveling with pets:

  • Are pets able to travel on board the plane? In most cases, the pets are unable to travel on board the plane through the use of carry-on pet carriers, unless they are very small. Small pets can be placed inside of airline approved carriers for travel but must remain inside of the pet carrier and tucked under the seat at all times to ensure the safety of the pet as well as the integrity of the airline.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is in order when traveling with pets. In order to maintain an easy traveling experience, especially while traveling outside of the country; ensure that all records are available including veterinarian records and vaccination records of the pet. Having all of this information readily available when it is requested by airline employees can help to expedite the process of traveling with pets.
  • An airline approved pet carrier in the appropriate size is necessary. Through the use of this carrier, the airline can reduce any instances of unsafe travel and the pet can remain as safe as possible while traveling. It can be helpful to have small amounts of food available for the pet throughout the duration of the trip, as well as a small amount of water. This will most often be given to the pet prior to the flight to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the traveling experience.
  • While traveling with pets, be sure that they are able to remain comfortable within the pet carrier. Through the use of a pet bed or blankets, especially beds or blankets which are familiar and used at home, this can help to relieve the stress which is associated with traveling with pets.
  • Taking the pet outside immediately before the pet is checked in with the cargo portion of the airline can ensure that there are no accidents in the traveling kennel in which the pet is housed. Remember, depending on the length of the flight, it can be hours before the pet is able to go to the bathroom again and therefore this last trip out is an important part of airline travel.
  • In the case that the pet is nervous or has not traveled well in the past, there are certain medications which are available from a veterinarian which can be used to sedate the pet through the duration of air travel. Remember, a note may be necessary from the veterinarian to explain the medication and the reasoning that has been used to ensure the pet has been sedated for the trip.

Using these tips, you should be able to travel easily with the pet and ensure that both you, and your beloved pet arrive to the destination both healthy and happy.


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