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Flying with Kids

Flying with kids can be seen as an experience that brings adventure in both your life as a parent and the kids’ enthusiasm. Flying with kids is considered the fastest way to get to holiday destination without allowing your kids to get bored with long travels by bus or by car.

  • When flying with kids there are several aspects that you should know about especially when it comes to packing. Flying implies some limitations regarding the things you would like to carry with you especially when it comes to restrict to your budget possibilities. Consider that there are things that you can buy when reaching the destination and as such you wouldn’t have to carry them with you.
  • Allow your kids to put in their back pack what they would like to take with them, interfering whenever they are out of the line. Try to induce them to carry things related to their activities they would like to do upon flying and arriving the destination, such as coloring, or reading.
  • Take into account the flight schedule and see if your kids can easily adjust to it. Are they going to sleep or you would have to confront with a tired child who is too irritated to cool down. You are the one who knows them the best an d according to that you can decide upon the departure hours.
  • Flying with kids at early times is the best method to avoid any delays that might take place. Checking in early will allow you to take care of any other things that could happen as you are not traveling alone but with your kids who have in their turn their needs that you must look after before getting into the plane.
  • Older children can be equipped with a watch that is set for the arrival time at the destination, in this way you can make them refrain themselves from asking – How long it takes to get there?
  • Get in touch with your travel agent asking him/her to present some of the destination brochures to get more info on this one. These brochures can keep the kids busy helping them to let their imagination run free regarding the moment of their arrival and the time of their vacation.

Flying with kids shouldn’t be considered an exhausting experience especially if you can have some clues on how to travel with them but saving some money at the same time.

The following tips will allow you see the flying with kids as an opportunity to save some money, too:

  • Do not pay for a separate seat when having a child aged under two as he can travel in your lap. There are some airlines to charge a fuel fee for the lap kids, but there is way much cheaper than getting a separate seat for him.
  • Do not get charged extra for a car seat as this one is for the safety measures.
  • When flying with kids ask for a discount. Traveling with a child under two of age doesn’t mean that you have to pay for him as one would pay for a person. The infant is less heavy, he doesn’t have too much luggage and less needs. They do not call the flight attendant every ten minutes. Generally speaking, it costs less to have a passenger a two years old child, then you should ask to pay less.
  • Contact the customer support of the airline you have chosen and ask of their policy in flying with kids situations. Ask directly of any discount available, as well. When doing this, be very polite and make yourself understood when explaining that your child is in fact less demanding when being a plane passenger.
  • Consider the option of flying with layovers rather than getting a direct flight. This can leave you as well for some time to spent inside the airport where snacks are pretty expensive as well. This inconvenient can be eliminated when flying with kids as long as you have served them a consistent meal before leaving home and have them packed dry snacks in their back packs, too.


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