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First Class Airline Tickets at Discount Prices

Everybody is familiar with the fact that travel with first class regardless of the mean of transportation is the best thing to have a trip taken. The same thing you will trust when reaching to buy first class airline tickets – to be treated like a noble person when traveling with the first class.

But what not many of you know is that there are people to get first class airline tickets but not necessarily have paid the full price, some can get the price at half or even for free.

This can happen in the following situations:

  1. By paying an upgrade to the first class choosing one of the options:
    • Paying an upgrade by phoning the airline company and do the purchase or logging on to their website.
    • When checking in you can buy it at the counter being way cheaper if this happens in the last minute.
  2. Ask for a first class airline ticket upgrade at the person that is at the airline check-in desk. It is recommended to wait until the bags are all checked in and before boarding, inquire the person who is receiving the airline tickets. You should ask like this: “Are there any first class tickets available?” In this event you might as well get a free upgrade for your first class airline ticket.
  3. Act very polite and well mannered when you request all this, as no flight attendant will be willing to offer for free their first class airline ticket to a bad mannered person.
  4. There can occur situations where the flight attendants are asked to inquire among lonely travelers/passengers before boarding if there are any volunteers to have their tickets first-class updated for whatever reasons, one of them being to balance the space inside the plane, for instance. If this happens, you can answer – Yes, I can volunteer.
  5. Grab the opportunity. In case you are in no hurry with your travel and there is for instance the opportunity to be offered to switch your flight for a later one, then you should ask what you get in exchange. Many times you will be offered with a first class upgrade that you shouldn’t refuse in this situation.

How to Get First Class Airline Tickets at Coach Seat Prices

In case that it happened to you to see that many people would pay a lot of money to have their seats booked within a first class airline ticket purchase, you should as well learn that there are persons to occupy these expensive seats at coach seat prices.

This thing has happened in the past and still happens in the present and will take place as well in the future. As long as you know what to look for you can as well become one of these first class passengers that pothers walks by to reach to their coach seats.

  • Firstly, you have to look for a type of fare named YUPP, Z or QUPP. A travel agent will definitely clarify the matter for you as long as you have found one to be trained regarding these types of codes. There are some travel agents who can get rather mixed up when being asked about these unique travel fares.
  • When looking online for your first class airline ticket, do search as well for the availability of these codes. If YUPP is available, then there will be – the low fare for your first class airline ticket. Be aware that these fares are given for a one way ticket, and this can work in the case when you miss your flight. Asking for a YUPP fare availability you can get cheap price for the first class airline ticket.


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