Budget Airlines to put squeeze on major carriers
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Budget Airlines to put squeeze on major carriers

The budget Airline business is booming as passengers increasingly seek out the best airline ticket prices. No less than 4 new budget airlines have begun service in the past couple years Jet Blue , Spirit Airline Song Airline all following the lead and success of Southwest Airlines

These budget airlines are scooping up airline routes from the major carriers at an unprecedented pace. The large carriers with the large overhead simply cannot compete in the status quo and are quickly learning the old cliche..”if you cant beat them..join them”

The launching of Ted Airline is the latest budget Airline to take to the skies, but like others Ted is actually developed and owned by United Airlines. The big flyers will not give up these routes without a fight and the development of budget airlines under the umbrella of the parent carrier is sure to lead to an exciting and competitive next couple years as the dust settles and the winners emerge.

Who those winners are in the short term are the passengers as airline ticket prices remain low and services including on time services, comfort services such as larger seats and in flight entertainment take hold.


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