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Airline dating – choose your seatmate

Hours of flying can be boring. Have you ever let yourself daydream about the other passengers on the flight? Have you wondered about that beautiful lady in 14A or that gorgeous guy in 23B, and wonder why you’re stuck next to the sleeping drooling passenger – again? Well, wonder no more.

With almost 16,000 members, may just be for you. Known as the “find your seatmate before you get on the plane” website, they allow their members to pick and choose other members who they’d like to sit next to on any given flight.

Here’s how it works. First you register on the AirTroductions website and fill out a profile including your frequented airports/ airlines. You list your preferences giving as little or as much information as you’d like.

Before taking your flight, you simply enter your itinerary and AirTroductions emails you a list of fellow passengers registered with their service. After viewing their profiles you decide there’s someone you’d like to meet, you pay a basic $5.00 fee to contact them.

If it’s mutually agreeable, you could change your seating assignments, meet for dinner – just think of the possibilities! Why waste your time in la-la land flying when you could be networking for your own business? Or drumming up new business for your boss so you can finally get that promotion? Or possibly even finding the love of your life, who knows? Nothing like passing the time with someone you’d actually like to get to know.

For $5.00, is it worth taking the chance? I’d say heck yes. I’d take someone I’d like to know more about or already have things in common with over the sleeping drooling guy any day. Wouldn’t you?

So next time you fly, instead of playing who’s behind door number 3, play matchmaker with AirTroductions first, and enjoy the company on your flight!


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