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How to Ease the Stress when Traveling with Pets

Traveling with pets, from booking the ticket to arriving at the airport can be stressful. Although there are many aspects of traveling with pet which need to be considered before making the decision, paying attention to certain elements can make air travel with pets that much easier. Here are some tips ...

Pet safety in the air, part 2

The Safe Air Travel for Animals Act went into effect in May 2005 which requires all airlines to report any incidents involving the loss, injury or death of animals during air transportation. From this time until November 2006, we’re sorry to report that there have been 12 losses, 27 injuries, ...

Pet Safety in the air

When the 3 year-old prized whippet, Vivi, escaped from her cage at JFK airport almost two weeks ago, people took notice. She had just come from winning an Award of Merit at the Westminster Kennel Club show but was last seen bolting down the runway at 25mph just before boarding ...


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