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Emirates to allow cell phones during flights

Emirates announced today that it is to become the first Airline to offer In flight cell Phone usage. Service will beginning in January 2007. This highly anticipated and controversial service will be watched closely by all the other airlines. Will passengers love or despise the service? That's the question, who's answer every airline will be paying attention too. The single largest issue for the Airlines is whether all that chatter in such closed quarters at 30,000 feet is going to become an issue of aggravation for most passengers that will cause in flight disputes between passengers. And if those possible ...

Is your cell phone dangerous when flying?

Aviation authorities worldwide uniformly ban the usage of personal electronic devices (PEDs), most notably cell phones, during critical stages of flight. This includes pagers, Palm Pilots/Blackberries, CD/MP3 players and laptops. “The risk posed by these portable devices is higher than previously believed. Radio frequency emitted from these devices can disrupt normal operation of key cockpit instruments, especially Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, which are increasingly vital for safe landings”, says Bill Strauss, one of the researchers for the February 2006 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) study. Documentation which shows the distinct possibility that cell phone interference resulted in the death of 10 passenger/crew ...

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